About Me!


Hi! I'm Liz, and yes, that is short for Elizabeth. I'm a Michigan-born and Utah livin' as a full-time artist. What does that mean? Well, I'm honestly still trying to figure that out myself! So far, I've learned that I love making things, particularly in the sculpture department. I've been squishin' clay in my hands since I discovered Play-Doh as a kid, and throughout my whole life, creating has been an integral part of my lifestyle and coping mechanisms. Yes, I was that weird girl in grade school who liked watching glue dry on her hands and enjoyed cutting erasers apart at her desk instead of doing her math homework.

As a kid, I often felt misunderstood for the way my brain worked. I couldn't sit still, remember due dates, and I was never, ever on time. Despite struggling academically, I was taught good family values that taught me to be kind to others, listen to my inner voice, and trust my gut. Being kind to others opened the doorways so I could understand others and be understood. Listening to my inner voice is how I decided to leave Michigan at 18 and follow the promptings of higher power. Trusting my gut led me to leave my well-paying bartending job and drop out of college(thrice), that I may experience the ebb and flow of the kind of life that I'm trying to create. I am convinced I create my reality, and I was put on this earth to be a conscious creator.

I currently make sculptures in my 1 bedroom apartment. I work primarily with Polymer Clay, which is fantastic because I can bake it in my oven. I have a desire to move on to a more eternal medium, such as metalwork. My dream is to build large indoor/outdoor sculptures around the world that make people see things in a way that they haven't before.

When I decided to leave my home state at 18 I was on a journey to find God. I have found and lost God along my way. Through that journey that is actively happening, I've found a lot about myself, thus reaffirming those childhood truths that someone overhead is looking out for me, and is perfectly aware of me.

Join me in my portal of madness and creativity as a full-time artist who is very much still figuring it all out.