Meet the Artist


Hi, I’m Elizabeth, better known as Liz, and I’m a Michigan-based artist. I’ve been honoring my talent for sculpture since I began playing with Play-Doh as a child. 

In 2020, In the depth of the pandemic, I introduced "Elizabethology," a concept that allows me to keep exploring new creative possibilities while continuing to develop my signature look and style. 

My page reflects my journey to finding my distinctive style and voice in a world overflowing with social media and information overload. 

Through my recent work with ceramics, I've cultivated a deep appreciation for the earth and the elements that sustain us. 

My ceramic pieces for the home and daily practice offers a perspective on the importance of appreciation for the planet and its many symbols that unify us all. 

With each piece I create, I hope to inspire others to become more aware of the transformative power of authentic art and the vital role of the creative process as a way of life.

I’m used to primarily selling locally but am working to build my website so that I can share my work worldwide. 

Thank you for joining me on my journey.